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Beginning 1st April 2015, free postage within MALAYSIA(no limit purchase) ! Malaysia 's handmakers ​​, let us beat the obstacles ahead and CONTINUE TO ENJOY in sewing!...... 四月一日开始,马来西亚免邮(无限制购买)!爱好缝纫的手作族,让我们持续愉快的手作缝纫吧!。。。。。。Bermula 1 April 2015, bayaran pos percuma dalam MALAYSIA(tiada had pembelian)! Marilah kita terus membuat jahitan tangan yang menyenangkan !

How to Buy 订货流程

For Credit Card User - US Dollar     信用卡持有者 - USD 美金

You may "add to cart" for the fabric which you would like to purchase and once you click the check out, it will direct you to Paypal page for payment process. Once we had received such order with payment, we will generate the invoice immediately and fabric purchased will be delivered the day or the next day. We will notify the delivery info to your email address provided.

您可以用"add to cart"来选择心仪的布料。在完成布料选择之后,就可以按"check out"。画页就会显示PAYPAL页面,来处理您信用卡的付款步骤。我们一旦收到款额,就会立即发出结单,而布料则会在当天或隔天运送。我们也会将运送单的资料电邮至您提供的电邮址。

For Local Bank Account Online User - Ringgit Malaysia     网上银行付款者 - RM 马币

You may click on the badge of the "Local Bank Payment", it will lead you to an order form. Please fill in the order details and your particular. Once we had received such order, we will generate the invoice and email to you for your final confirmation and bank payment. The fabric will be delivered on the day or the next day once we receive your payment. We will notify the delivery info to your email address provided.

您可以选择"Local Bank Payment",然后画面就会显示出订单。请填妥详细资料后呈交。我们收到订单之后,就会立即发出结单并电邮给您,您确定订单无误和进行网上银行付款,把付款单回邮我们之后,我们就会在当天或隔天,把您订的布料寄送出去。运送单的资料也会电邮至您提供的电邮址。


Sharon Chow said...

Which cloth is suitable for making bags, small purse?

Just Us said...

Good day Sharon, i am pleased to let you know that all of our fabric here are suitable for making bags, small purse. By selecting your favourite design pattern on the fabric, and next is the material of the fabric. if you are adding cotton battling, will add the comfortable touching feeling on the item you are making. Without it, also no problem. At my point of view, all (fabric made) bags and purses are attracted by it (fabric) design pattern (eg: wording, pictures, cartoon, checker... etc) , color favourite, and your own idea design (tote bag, pouch, wallet, hand carry, ...) of bag. I hope i had resolve your question. Please don't hesitate to ask if any.

Sabrina said...

Hi, do you supply burlap fabric?

Just Us said...

Good day Sabrina, kindly email me the quantity of the burlap you need at

Rodhiah said...

Hai do you still restock the white plain cotton?
May i know where is your shop located? i would like to buy and see

Just Us said...

Good day Rodhiah, Yes, in fact we are awaiting the restock plain cotton fabric which included white to arrive. However, we only sell fabric online. We could send you close up photo of it texture to compare within if you interested. Kindly do email us at for your quantity needed, as restock fabrics are included preordered by other customer.

Jackie Tuen said...

Which of your fabrics suitable for quilting ?

Just Us said...

Good day Jackie, most common fabric material use for quilting is 100% cotton and cotton/linen. As we listed some example craftwork by blogger, is meant to show your that the fabric listed in our blogshop is suitable to all various kind of handmade work. Secondly, that also depends on your choice of fabric colour, which pattern you prefer and/ or your idea onto it. So, just make it without doubts.

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