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Beginning 1st April 2015, free postage within MALAYSIA(no limit purchase) ! Malaysia 's handmakers ​​, let us beat the obstacles ahead and CONTINUE TO ENJOY in sewing!...... 四月一日开始,马来西亚免邮(无限制购买)!爱好缝纫的手作族,让我们持续愉快的手作缝纫吧!。。。。。。Bermula 1 April 2015, bayaran pos percuma dalam MALAYSIA(tiada had pembelian)! Marilah kita terus membuat jahitan tangan yang menyenangkan !

Black Kitten KOKKA Cotton .....................小黑猫可卡棉布

Item Name Black Kitten KOKKA Cotton 小黑猫可卡棉布
Price $3.80
1255 1 m (110cm x 100cm) RM42.00/ $13.10
         1/2m (110cm x 50cm) RM22.00/ $6.90
         1/4m (55cm x 50cm)   RM12.0/ $3.80

Cotton 棉 100%


Anonymous said...

Hi, how can I know which fabric got free 1m with purchase of 2m?

馆主喜欢布料。 said...

Good day, **stated in front of the code number in the description side.

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